On October 15, 2019, in the beautiful city of Avignon, ADCET held its fourteenth Assises des Usages Numériques Citoyens [Conference on Local Digital Usage] in partnership with Greater Avignon. The conference has become an essential event for public and private players in the dematerialization of local services market. The sector has seen accelerated development in recent years across various domains: parking, scholastic and extracurricular activities, sports and leisure, universities, transport, tourism, and more.


As in past years, testimonials and feedback from regions that have launched projects were prioritized, and conversations between participants were encouraged. The schedule is available on the association's website.

Conference participants were also invited to an awards ceremony the evening before at the same venue, to applaud the most innovative and successful projects:

  • The joint association Megalis Bretagne, for the KorriGo services management platform.
  • The city of Lille, for the deployment of two new services based on the AMC standard: access to its zoo and its media libraries.
  • The city of Clermont and the SMTC joint public transportation association, who used the standard to promote urban mobility with bicycle parking.
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