Training on the AMC standard

Formation AMCADCET offers online training sessions in the form of half-day webinars.

The next webinar is scheduled for May 11 from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm.
To register for the webinar or for information on upcoming webinar dates, please complete the online form.

The training sessions on the Citizen Multiservices Application concern different market players:
  • Project managers in the territories
  • System integrators
  • Software publishers
  • Equipment suppliers
  • Consultants
  • ...
The participation fee is €200 per person for ADCET members and €400 for nonmembers.

Note: upon request, training can be provided in an association building or in the buildings of a company that wishes to offer this training to a number of collaborators.

Content of the training:
  • General information
  • Origins of the AMC; the AMC and the CNIL; why a standard?
  • What needs does the AMC meet? Services targeted by the AMC
  • Functional description
  • The different types of AMCs: common / specific
  • AMC data
  • Support and application hosting data
  • User's data
  • Predefined identifiers
  • Personalized identifiers
  • Contracts and associated data
  • The different levels of security
  • Environment
  • The role of ADCET
  • The different stakeholders
  • Implementation of an AMC
  • Key phases of the project
  • Usage conventions of the common AMC
  • Website:
  • Description of technical presentation