The AMC standard explained, in 2 minutes!

The Citizen Multiservice Application standard is explained briefly and clearly in this short animated video.

In June 2016, as a result of ADCET's work, the French National Standardization Commission validated experimental standard status for the AMC (Citizen Multiservice Application).

The standard's AFNOR reference number is XP 99-508.
ADCET originated the standard, and is in charge of its development. We provide governance of the common AMC, and as such are a signatory of the usage agreement. We also manage the cryptographic keys and registries. In addition, we provide services to facilitate the development of the AMC, such as:
  • Trainings/webinars.
  • Support and assistance with project implementation.
  • Certification of common AMC media.
Every entity, no matter what its position in the value chain, must sign a usage agreement in order to use the common AMC standard. Any medium that incorporates the standard must comply with the style guide.

What does it do?

The standard describes a technical framework for the management of regional services (local authorities, universities, etc.) using a single medium (card, mobile phone, etc.).
It is mainly used for the following purposes:
  • extracurricular activities and preschool services,
  • dining,
  • sports and leisure facilities,
  • cultural events and tourism,
  • parking,
  • loyalty rewards for downtown shopping,
  • monitoring physical and digital access, etc.

Who can use it?

The standard is already being used by many regional authorities throughout France:
  • the Paris region,
  • Brittany and the city of Rennes,
  • the city of Bordeaux,
  • Greater Lyon,
  • Greater Poitiers,
  • the Normandy region,
  • the city of Lille,
  • Greater Avignon,
  • Basque Country,
  • Strasbourg,
  • and more.


Registry of service areas

Registry of service areas

Registry of AMC data transmitters

Registry of AMC data transmitters

Common AMC value ranges

Registry of Common AMC value ranges

Signatories to the agreement

Registry of Signatories to the agreement

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